SaaS Leadership Lessons – What a comeback!

Apart from the odd round of the miniature version of the game, I know literally nothing about Golf, but I do know what a great comeback looks like when I see one.   Tiger Woods’ recent win at the 2019 Masters is nothing short of a phenomenal return to the spotlight after 10 years of great personal and professional challenge.


Whilst I am no book of knowledge on the game, I have held quite an interest in Tiger Woods as his life in recent times has been particularly turbulent with personal issues, splitting from his wife, injury and no major win for over 10 years. This is the man that was sponsored by the best known brands in the world, untold financial earnings and was on our TV’s every day all over the world.


Then almost overnight it ended. Personal and marital issues, infidelity, loss of the game, loss of sponsors, public humiliation for being behind the wheel when intoxicated…this list goes on… he became the man that people disliked and he was on our TV’s almost daily for a while but for all the wrong reasons.


2 years ago he said he was done with Golf. He had a few attempts to come back but it was sometimes painful to watch the commentary. He was unable to event play the game without extreme pain. He was done…


So how, 2 years later, does someone who is rated as number 1100 (approx) in the world make a come back like this, perhaps one of the greatest sporting come backs of all time? How does someone overcome the internal demons, the haters, the naysayers, the pain, the self doubt, the competition to win in this way?


Grit. Pure and simple!


We can all learn a lesson from Tiger Woods. How many times in work, home life, sport do we face an obstacle or challenge that seems impossible to deal with? Often I guess? I think that Tiger Woods can show us all that we should never ever ever give up, that the power of the mind can help us to achieve things that others thought was unachievable.


Certainly I am starting my Monday morning in a positive state of mind and I hope that the news of Tiger Woods helps us all to achieve what many think is unachievable.


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