3 Important Questions You Need to Ask Your Recruiters Now

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COVID has certainly changed the way we work in the immediate, short and mid term.  This will have an impact on the results of your current and new Hiring Partner.   It is crucial to ask some of the questions below to ensure you do not make a mistake.  The skills, experience and ability of the Hiring partner you select to work with may have changed Post COVID.

How do SaaS firms ensure they select the best Recruiter / Executive Search firm in the new World?

Here are 3 crucial questions SaaS firms should ask their prospective Hiring partners as well as their existing ones:


1 – How Financially stable is your hiring firm?

Retaining an Executive Search firm is an investment, qualify how financially stable your Hiring Partner is.  Hiring firms with many overheads such as expensive office rent and wage bills may struggle in today’s market. And you do not want to take the risk they will cease trading when retained by your firm and supporting you.


2 – How much experience does the Recruiter who will support us  have of working at home?

Many Recruiters have spent most of their working time being office-based in major cities like London.  How able and productive would the Recruiter be working on your behalf at home? How risky is it to retain a Recruiter who has little experience of home working?  For instance,  do they have a quiet home-based working environment and the discipline to work remotely?  Clearly there is a risk retaining a Recruiter who has little experience of working from home.


3- Does the Recruiter have access to cloud based Recruiting Systems and a FULL Linkedin Recruiter license?

Many office based Recruiters will still use traditional, non-cloud and on-premise Recruitment Software.  This means they can not access candidate records from home.  To recruit successfully from a home office, having access to data is essential.  Further,  check the Recruiter has paid full a FULL Linkedin Recruiter license to ensure they have full access to the entire linkedin network when searching for candidates on your behalf..  Many cut corners and select or downgrade to the less feature rich “Linkedin Lite” solution,  resulting in less features for Talent Pipeline and Collaboration with Hiring Manager.   See below:

linkedin in recruiter



Many Recruiters are experiencing a major learning change and culture shock. COVID has altered the way they work and service their clients and candidates.  As a result, we would strongly recommend you qualify your current and any future Recruiters with the above questions to reduce the risk of working with the wrong Recruiter in the Post COVID World.

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