Why Work With An Executive Search Firm?


1 – Access a larger candidate network

You may not have the relevant candidate network.  This is often the case when hiring across different countries, market sectors or job functions. When you work with an Executive Search firm, you will be given the choice of the all those individuals that are available, interested and committed to your opportunity.  


2 – Your Recruiter can’t fill the role?

Perhaps you have tried to fill a role via your internal recruiter team,  or even advertised the role online?  This has not enabled you to find the person you wanted to hire, thus you require a more specialist and focused search.  This is often the case when a SaaS firm is looking to hire in new territories or less common job functions where they do not have the contacts.


3 – To get candidates FAST 

Executive Search firms often work within their own niche areas and already know the best players in their sectors.  This could mean being able to interview and hire the very best candidates within a number of weeks.

Retained v Contingency

4 – Contingency recruiting has not worked?

Many SaaS firms which contact Intrinsic for support have already tried unsuccessfully filling their vacant position via contingency recruitment firms.  The results have just not yielded the candidates they wanted and they now wish to use a dedicated and focused SaaS Executive Search firm to offer them better results.


5 – The role is confidential

Employers could be considering replacing someone, creating a new role or hiring over someone else.  These roles often need to be outsourced in order to maintain confidentiality and so as to avoid sensitive situations that might cause disharmony, loss of trust or uncertainty that can cause otherwise solid teams to lose their foundation.  


6 – You want to reduce the chances of a hiring mistake

In a fast moving, high stakes industry such as SaaS, the opportunity loss of making a bad hire is often far greater than the direct hire costs, so you need to get it right first time. Nobody can claim to know everyone in their niche but the experienced Executive Recruiter will be so well networked in their sector that they will be able to leverage their network so effectively that they can reach anyone they need to within their sector.   


7 – You do not have the time to search yourself

Searching for Executives takes a lot of time and distracts from the day-to-day job.  Outsourcing to an Executive Search firm can solve this problem.


8 – You want to ensure a quality process

For many highly-important roles, it is super-important to make sure the process works correctly and first time round.  You do not wan to have to re-start a new territory.  Executive Search firms manage a clean and professionally managed approach that provides a good experience for all candidates engaged in the process, whether they get the job or not. 



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