Brexit and the Technology Sector

Brexit Technology Sector –  In relation to the impact to date of the proposed Brexit on the UK SaaS economy, Intrinsic Executive Search recently surveyed over 100 UK based, Senior Executives working in the Technology Sector for Enterprise SaaS companies and asked for their views on the initial impact of the Brexit Referendum result, hiring activity and their views on the future. 

Please find below a selection of key survey data and highlighted findings: Feel free to drop me a line to discuss other aspects not included in this brief report or to talk more generally about the software sector.

1 – Who Responded:

Intrinsic Executive Search surveyed  UK-based Enterprise Software Executives, focused in a variety of different roles such as Senior Sales / Leaders, Managing Director, Marketing and Professional Services.


2- Opinion on the result of the Referendum and it impacts the Brexit Technology Sector:

– Only 15% believe the Brexit result has caused a slowdown in their employer’s business

– Hiring remains active, 45% are still being regularly approached about as many job opportunities as before Brexit

– The majority remain optimistic about the level of investment by US software firms in the UK in the future


3 – How the Respondents Voted:

– Twice as many UK Enterprise Software Executives state they voted to remain in the EU compared to those who voted to leave


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