The Impact of Brexit on the B2B SaaS Industry!

What impact is the Brexit situation having on the “B2B SaaS” market place?


Just to recap,  our previous Brexit research* during October 2016 showed that:- 

– Only 15% believed the Brexit result had then caused a slowdown in their employer’s business

– Hiring remained active, 45% were still being regularly approached about as many job opportunities as before the Brexit vote 

– Twice as many UK Enterprise B2B SaaS Executives stated they voted to remain compared to those who voted to leave

*100+ UK SaaS Leaders 3 months after the referendum result.


Further, we have discussed in the recent past that one consequence of the Brexit result is that numbers of early-stage and high-growth SaaS firms have chosen locations such as Amsterdam as their preferred European HQ


The Latest News Update on Brexit and the SaaS Industry:


Here we are, 2.5 years later.  Intrinsic has a live and ongoing survey and the latest up-to-date research around Brexit in the B2B SaaS market!

With 230 senior SaaS Executives already taken part in our latest 2019 survey:


“Only 1 in 5 believe that the Brexit situation has caused a slow-down in their employer’s business!”


On the positive side, this means  as many as 80% of our respondents do not feel any impact of Brexit to date, but one could argue that 20% is 20% too many!


We would love to hear your views here….


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