How Flexibility in the Workplace Helps Attract & Retain the Best SaaS Talent!

Flexibility in the Workplace – SaaS

In today’s highly competitive B2B SaaS hiring industry, having flexibility in the workplace  can surely only enhance your company’s ability to attract and ultimately remain the best individuals?


OpenView recently conducted a survey of 360+ full-time workers in the Tech industry and a 70% of respondents said having flexibility at work is “critical.”   A further report highlights that 36% of employees are likely to leave their current employer due to a lack of flexible work arrangements


Is the traditional 9am – 5pm working week soon going to be a thing of the past for B2B SaaS employees?

One of the first questions we are asked as Headhunters, is “How often do I need to be in the office”?


I was recently Headhunting for a Senior, London Marketing role where the SaaS client insisted on the employee being in the London office 5 days a week.  Many of the best candidates were not interested, instead joining more flexible, SaaS firms.


Here in the UK, a 40 mile/ 60km commute to London can sometimes take up to 2 hours each way due to the unreliable train services which are frequently delayed and cramped.  An employee could almost lose a full working days a week through delays and that does not take into the consideration of stress, wasted time and less work productivity.  


There is also the argument around what sitting on a train for 2+ hours every working day and the stress that goes with it could do for one’s mental health?


The Average time spent in the office for SaaS Employees in Europe?


Our recent B2B SaaS Survey highlights that the majority of senior commercial, B2B SaaS Execs spend 2 to 3 days per week in the office. A mix of home / office working is often preferred , particularly with congested transport networks in many of Europe’s busiest towns and cities.


Further, companies increasingly appreciate the need for workers to have flexibility as regard to childcare so often allow flexibility for working and family life to co-exist harmoniously.


We have found those commercial employees who spend 5 days per week in the office are often relatively early-on in their careers, requiring internal leadership, whilst spending the majority of their time communicating with their leaders internally and customers /  prospects via email, phone, zoom or web-chat externally.  But why can’t they be offered a day or so to work from home if the role allows it?


Source:  B2B SaaS Survey, 2019

In conclusion, we believe that  B2B SaaS firms who offer their employees a flexible working environment are more likely to be able to attract and retain the best.  Further, the employees are likely to be happier and even more productive in today’s high technology driven world where most interactions are carried out via a PC or smartphone!  


A flexible working system would surely make employees happier and many would be prepared to substitute other common benefits in the SaaS world such as free snacks / pizza to instead have a more flexible working environment!


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