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One of the biggest changes we have experienced as Recruiters for Customer Success over the last 18 months, has been the increased demand from SaaS employers (our clients) to help them source top quality Customer Success Executives in Europe.  Demand has been so great that often over 50% of the active roles we have, our Customer Success related.


Due to the massive trend in the market away from traditional the Software Perpetual Model approach towards SaaS, this should be no real surprise.  The SaaS model brings a whole set of different challenges for vendors such as customer churn.  


So how does one define Customer Success exactly?  Certainly it is not Customer Support or Experience, but more about retaining, extending and ensuring the long term success of Customer engagements.  Create real value for customer, using insights and data that will make the vendor stand out from the crowd and make the customer vendor relationship even stronger.  On-boarding, Retention, Customer Health, Upsell, Cross sell are all areas of the customer that should be constantly monitored by the Customer Success Executive.

Here is an amazing article written by Nick Mehta, CEO of Gainsight 


As Customer Success is a relatively new job function, we need to consider what backgrounds the strongest candidates will have?  Product Management, Senior Sales, Customer Services, Account Management, the list goes on?  How important is it that the candidate comes from the same technology area so they act in a more consultative way towards the clients?  A strong knowledge and interest of the Software Products is important along with strong Account Management skills. 


The good news is that as a result of running multiple Customer Success Executive hiring campaigns, Intrinsic as Recruiters for Customer Success has an exceptionally strong and up-to-date list of some of the top Customer Executives and Managers open to new opportunities.


Sponsorship of Gainsight Pulse

Intrinsic has been more active than most Recruiters for Customer Success, featuring as sponsor at the World’s largest Customer Success Conference, Gainsight Pulse. and featured in Pulse Europe which will again feature in London during November 2018.  



Ben Watkins is a Director of Intrinsic Executive Search, and possesses nearly 20 years experience of Headhunting senior commercial Executives across the UK and Europe on behalf of emerging Enterprise Software and SaaS companies.

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