CEO & VP Sales SaaS – the Top Reasons why SaaS Firms Fail & Succeed

Intrinsic Executive Search is delighted to release a new FREE report that may help Leaders, Investors and others interested in emerging Enterprise SaaS firms.

The report provides feedback from a recent survey we carried out of 434 senior Enterprise SaaS Executives based across different European countries such as the UK, France and Germany.

Further, the report can help current Leaders and Investors of SaaS firms understand some of the main challenges of scaling a SaaS firm across Europe including what makes a great or poor VP SaaS Leader or  CEO!  

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The report consists of various facts and figures including:


  • The Top Reasons why SaaS Firm Fail & Succeed
  • 101 Characteristics of a Poor SaaS Leader
  • How can a CEO / Leader of a SaaS firm improve
  • Feedback from over 45 x CEOs and 200 x Vice Presidents of SaaS firms
  • Views of those who have mainly worked in Europe supporting a US SaaS firm


Intrinsic Executive Search has recently partnered with a number of the World’s leading Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, helping them network and source top talent for selected SaaS Portfolio companies as well as sponsored and participated in some of the World’s Leading SaaS Events such as Pulse San Mateo with Gainsight.

The company has invested many years into SaaS Executive Recruiting, thus identifying the top SaaS Leaders across the globe and can offer expanding SaaS firms access to its extensive contact base of outstanding talent.  We have also found some further interesting research here.

Interested to discover the latest VP Sales SaaS salary levels in the UK, Germany, France, Netherlands or elsewhere is Sweden?  Contact us for a copy of our latest free report.  We also have start up information for SaaS firms launching across Europe, (a country-by-country guide) that includes SaaS salary information. 

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