SaaS Hiring Firms in Netherlands

The uncertainty of Brexit, attractive tax deals, a business-friendly climate and an English-speaking workforce are just some of the reasons why the Netherlands is becoming a more and more attractive location for SaaS firms to use it as their European Headquarters.
Adyen, Elastic, Panasonic, Magnet Forensics, Smart Yields, Optimizely, Kaseya, Inseego and Netflix are just some of the High Tech firms who have announced that they are moving their European Headquarters to the Netherlands.  Here’s why moving your startup to Amsterdam is a good idea.

Further, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NIFA), an official arm of the economic affairs ministry, the Dutch government said is has recently been “in touch with more than 200 companies,” spokesman Michiel Bakhuizen told media sources.

“These are companies wishing to leave Britain or international businesses who are looking to set up in an EU country, and from now on, have to avoid London.”


Amsterdam is often chosen as a great location to locate “European Inside Sales / SDR Teams”, whilst Rotterdam has also been selected by others.

Business taxes and the 30 per cent tax reduction rule for qualified expats are advantageous.
With World Class airports and outstanding train networks, along with access to 500 million consumers across Europe,  the Netherlands is an amazing location for Enterprise SaaS firms looking for a central hub to launch or move its European Headquarters.
Of course, like any country there are downsides too.  For example, the traffic around the main cities can be very heavy and motoring expensive. Employment severance is a complex subject and must be carefully considered with due legal procedure.
In conclusion, we believe the Netherlands offers a fantastic geographical location and springboard for SaaS firms looking for a foothold in Europe.  The Netherlands can offer thousands of English speaking SaaS Executives and close access to markets such as the UK, Germany and the Nordics.

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