B2B SaaS Hiring Market Update


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B2B SaaS Hiring Market Update 

How will the impact of COVID-19 change the type of candidates profile and backgrounds being in demand and hired by B2B SaaS hiring firms?


Will your employment experience / profile become more or even less attractive to B2B SaaS hiring firms over the coming months?  


Only this morning, Facebook announced that about 50% of its 50,000 workforce will work from home within 10 years.  When referring to the high salaries Facebook have often paid, Mark Zuckerberg said, “employees who choose to live in less expensive areas of the country could end up seeing their pay adjusted.. ..we pay very well, basically at the top of the market, but we pay a market rate. And that varies by location.”



Before the COVID-19 crisis,  we had carried out B2B SaaS hiring on behalf of a number of forward-thinking SaaS firms.

These clients had already adopted a modern and different business approach compared to the traditional B2B Enterprise selling model.  For instance:


  • Setting up an office in less expensive cities like Berlin rather than Munich
  • Creating a modern-selling / bus-dev system that involved less travel by using systems such as zoom for prospects
  • Managing Enterprise Selling remotely as much as possible


Were these SaaS firms ahead of the enforced curve?  Yes.


One could argue that such companies are in a stronger position to succeed moving forward having already embraced such a model.

B2B SaaS Hiring


The Future for B2B Sales / Executive Hiring?


What will be the new or adapted hiring criteria now and over the coming months due to the pandemic?  

I believe the pandemic will speed up what was already happening in the SaaS space.  That is to say the extinction of the “Classic Enterprise Sales person”.   

What are some of the styles of a Classic Enterprise, Software Sales person?


  • A reluctant user of modern selling technologies such as Linkedin and zoom
  • Limited experience of utilising such technologies for commercial activities
  • Spends much of their business month travelling
  • Strong Software perpetual licence selling experience and little SaaS 


What SaaS Executives are most likely to be Hired and in demand now?


  • Those highly suited to remote working – especially if they already have a proven track record of remote / home-working for years and not a few months!
  • Many can be good at remote working for a short period but then become less effective as the novelty wears off and fatigue kicks in
  • Focus on hiring those who have adopted and embraced modern B2B selling and marketing technologies
  • A solid track-record of managing SME / Enterprise deal cycles remotely
  • If you are old-school in style, it just isn’t going to work


The age of the “Modern-Seller” is upon us and earlier than anticipated due to the COVID-19 situation.   Forbes also made a great contribution here >> 




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