Diversity in SaaS – download the new Chart!

Diversity in SaaS – download the new Chart!


Diversity in SaaS

Interested to discover the latest Diversity in SaaS stats?   What SaaS job functions are mostly dominated by men v women? 
We hear so much about Diversity in SaaS firms these days, so we decided to carry out some research!  We have covered multiple European countries and USA.
Over the last few months, Intrinsic have monitored and researched the percentage of female v male employees within common commercial job functions and various locations.  
We have created a free Diversity in SaaS chart which can be viewed here.

Key Findings

– The most male dominated role we identified is that of a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) – 95% are male!
– Female dominated job functions are very much around the Human Resource related positions including Chief People Officers and Talent Acquisition Execs.
– Customer Success roles (often Individual Contributor) appear well balanced in Europe, with almost a 50/50% split.  
– As Customer Success roles become more senior, there appears to be a stronger Male dominance.  Does this mean more males are being promoted into the senior leadership roles?
– Germany has the largest percentage of male Enterprise Sales Executives.
There has been a huge push by many SaaS firms to “level-up” the gender numbers and ensure they have more diverse workforces employees.  As Headhunters, we have noticed jobs where there are a shortage of females (i.e: Enterprise Sales),  have resulted in higher salaries for such individuals.  Think about it, if you know your skills are in demand, you have more employment options resulting in more favourable remuneration terms.
SaaS firms will never achieve a perfect 50 / 50% equilibrium, but they are on course!  We would like to see more of a gender balance as the positions become more senior.

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