Happy Women’s Day 2020

“Diversity is nothing new” 

In 1996 we were lucky to join a diverse US, Pre IPO, soon to float on Nasdaq, Tech Hiring firm called #hallkinion that was ahead of the game in so many ways.

– We were blessed to be led by a remarkable female CEO

– The Global Leadership team was over 50% female

– The 2 European Leaders were both female, as was the UK finance leader

– All workers had the same pay

– The UK office had a diverse mix of different nationalities

– This was in the late 90s and early 00s

– Many of the top recruiters were female

– This was the best company in the world as far as I was concerned,

We subsequently scaled the business from $40M to $300M within four years across the Globe!

Happy Women’s Day everyone!

Thank you to so many awesome women I have been lucky to work with over the last 23 years..

Diversity is nothing new and has been vital in shaping the person that I am. The fact is that all teams need a diverse mix of backgrounds and genders. Nothing new to us!

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