Remote working – SaaS Firms

Remote working – SaaS Firms

As the World braces for the coronavirus epidemic, SaaS and other businesses looking are taking steps to support staff in remote working.  For instance, some are adopting new home working policies for the first time.  This is leading to a surge in demand for services such as Zoom and Slack.  


Up until now, Hiring SaaS firms who have offered senior commercial (Sales, Marketing) employees a mixture of home and office working, have increased their ability to attract a larger number of candidates.


The choice to have a mix of office and remote working can lead to stronger employee retention.  SaaS firms who insist that employees have to physically be in their office when not with customers and offer or a limited or zero home-working policy, often attract a smaller number of candidates when hiring such staff.  

In terms of retention, the tiring “daily commute” is often a major reason employees are open to change jobs.


Remote Working


A recent article from Merchant Savy showed that having a choice of work location is a key factor for 70% of those evaluating new career opportunities.  In Europe, Swedish, UK and Netherlands based-employees appear to work the most from home.  Italy and Germany have a lower percentage of home workers.   Clearly there is a cultural consideration with home-working in different countries.


Intrinsic interviewed 407 Senior Commercial SaaS Executives in an extensive SaaS Survey during late 2019.  One finding, was that the majority of such Executives spend around 2-3 days a week in the company’s office.   Only 7% work 5-days-a-week physically in the company’s office.


*Source: Intrinsic Executive Search 2019 SaaS Survey


The outbreak of the Coronavirus is set to be a game-changer.  This may result in surging numbers of home-working employees in the SaaS industry. Are we prepared?


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