The Silicon Cup 2022 – Post event review

15th and 16th September 2022 – Silicon Cup 2022

A week since the Silicon Cup concluded, I wanted to share a quick overview of the event and share some videos and pictures.

With the country in mourning there was a social media blackout over the event to respect the passing of Queen Elizabeth. Two boats did not compete as a mark of respect and this decision was fully respected.

Notwithstanding the overall feeling of loss that many in the UK and the world felt, the event was a tremendous success. I’d like to think that the Queen (and Prince Philip) would have been delighted for this wonderful event to go ahead bearing in mind it’s a charitable event that has raised over £1M for charity and in the region of £60,000 from this event alone.

Prince Philip was an avid sailor and the Queen was the patron of many yacht clubs, including RORC – Royal Ocean Racing Club in Cowes who hosted the evening dinner and reception.

I’ve recorded a short video about the event that I think explains the event far better than written words can do. Also to follow some pictures.

Hope to see you on the water and if you are remotely interested in getting involved in sailing or want to talk about SaaS hiring then drop me a line at or join SaaS Sailors, the group for SaaS and Sailing. 


Paul French






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