What my SaaS clients are looking for right now!

In April, Intrinsic Executive Search held our annual conference for SaaS leaders. It was a great event and I had the privilege of sharing the stage with some exceptional SaaS leaders.

Part of my presentation focussed on what my clients are looking for right now and so I thought it made sense for me to share this information here as you may find it useful when hiring for your SaaS firm?

I created it to fit on one page and it represents what my clients have been asking me for in the last 6 months or so with a few that I personally think are important.

Here it is!


Some people will place greater emphasis on some of these points over others and this list is not stack ranked in order of importance.

The fact is that all of these points are important when we go about hiring leaders for our businesses. How can you be certain that the person in front of you truly has these attributes?

That’s a hard one but there are ways…thorough interviewing and referencing for starters as well a scientific approach using technology can help….

Drop me a line at if you are looking to hire exceptional talent that have these attributes?

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