Enterprise Selling in the Digital Age

As the digital age continues its disruption of the sales business, the days of easily being able to meet prospective clients in person are now few and far between. All the information clients need to gather about your company or solution can be found online, and now, thanks to Zoom and similar, it is much easier to hold meetings online.

This has profound ramifications, in three ways:

  1. When you get the chance to pitch to the client, whether in person or online, it has to be delivered exceptionally well. You are no longer likely to get a second chance to impress them. You have to nail the sales pitch at that first meeting.
  2. You have to ensure that you have the key executives in that meeting – not just the people who are going to make the selection decision, but the executives who came up with the need for the business solution in the first place. You have to master engaging people at an executive level and talking the language that executives really understand.
  3. Since in-person time with a client is now so limited, you will have to master the art of getting someone high up in your client’s organisation to sell internally on your behalf. You have to master the art of building champions: not only of your solution, but also of your company’s culture.

Enter Champion Building, the ultimate workshop for selling in the digital age. Champion Building was created by modelling the techniques used by the world’s most successful digital-age salespeople: salespeople who consistently earned high six- or seven-figure incomes, who have mastered engaging at the executive level, and who nail the first key pitch while building champions, leading to closing high-value win-win deals.

The Champion Building workshop takes the techniques these master sellers use, simplifies them, then distils them into a set of easily digestible tools you need to catapult yourself into the top 1% of salespeople in the world.

The content in the workshops is derived from the trainer’s experience of working with some of the world’s highest-performing sales teams who sell SaaS solutions to companies, both large and small.

Champion Building

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